Pallas Sentinel Artwork with Text 'WideScreen' Wall Canvas


Pallas Sentinel Artwork with Text 'WideScreen' Wall Canvas, With logo and text.

Available in three panoramic sizes, Large: 40" x 20", Medium: 30"x16" and Small: 20" x 10"

Based on the original cover artwork using a high resolution scan of the painting by Patrick Woodroffe  and available in three sizes.

Having been involved with merchandise, photography and album cover design for Pallas for over 30 years, store owner Mike B has unique access to the original artwork and files for the band’s complete history.

These exclusive canvas prints are made to order and dispatched from our print partner in the UK directly to your address usually leaving within 4 to 5 working days.

The copyright holder of the original artwork used for this wall canvas is Patrick Woodroffe.

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